Komatsu PC138

Suitable for: These machines are ideal for general purpose renewals, great for working in tunnels  as well as an all-rounder machine for the rail industry.

This Komatsu PC138 is great for general purpose renewal work, along with being very vercitile in tunnels. This machine is known in our fleet for being a great all-rounder, allowing itself to adapt to different situations that it may face. This machine is on tracks, and differentiates itself from all our other road-rail vehicles. In that case, if you are looking for a good all round machine for your next job on the railway, this may be your go-to choice! Weighing 21 tonnes with the capatibility to tow 2 trailers, with a overall load towed of 42 tonnes, along with a SWL for quick hitching of 10 tonnes, and a SWL for auxiliary lifting point of 5 tonnes, this machine is perfect for anything that comes in it's way! Please contact us if you have any questions, or need more details!

  • SWL: Variable
  • Weight: 21 tonnes
  • Maximum Number Of Trailers: 2
  • Maximum Towed Load: 42 tonnes
  • Quick Hitch SWL: 10 tonnes
  • Auxiliary Lifting Point SWL: 5 tonnes
  • Gauge: Plant Gauge

RRV 148 Engineering Conformance Certificate   RRV 148 Standard Auxillary Lifting Eye Load Charts   RRV 148 Standard Quick Hitch Load Charts   RRV 148 Tandem Auxillary Lifting Eye Load Charts   RRV 148 Tandem Quick Hitch Load Charts 

RRV 149 Engineering Conformance Certificate   RRV 149 Standard Auxillary Lifting Eye Load Charts  RRV 149 Tandem Auxillary Lifting Eye Load Charts   RRV 149 Standard Quick Hitch Load Charts   RRV 149 Tandem Quick Hitch Load Charts 




Certificate Number 4819
ISO 9001


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Bluebell Railway


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