Komatsu PW160 Rail-Raider MK1

Suitable for: This excellent all-rounder is extremely versatile when it comes to rail work. The Komatsu can dig, lift, tow and push, making it a great general purpose machine.

The PW160 Rail-Raider MK1 is more of a lighter option from the Rail-Raider MK2's that we provide, still capable of the 4 trailer limit, along with a smaller load capacity for the trailers of 46 tonnes. Still capable of a quick hitch ALP SWL of 13 tonnes, along with a Bucket Pin SWL of 10 tonnes which the Rail-Raider MK2 cannot provide. The weight of this vehicle is 1.9 tonnes lighter then the Rail-Raider MK2's, which may be of some benefit when it comes to deciding which Road Rail Vehicle you would like to hire. Please contact us if you need more details!

  • SWL: Variable
  • Bucket Pin SWL: 10 tonnes
  • Quick Hitch ALP SWL: 13 tonnes
  • Weight: 23.6 tonnes
  • Maximum Trailer Load: 46 tonnes
  • Maximum Number Of Trailers: 4

RRV150 Eng Conformance Certificate   RRV150 Duty Charts  RRV150 Duty Charts

RRV159 Eng Conformance Certificate  RRV159 Load Charts





Certificate Number 4819
ISO 9001


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