Colmar T10000FS

Suitable for: Heavy lifting. These road/rail vehicles are the largest in our fleet, capable of lifting 13 tonnes on rail. Suitable for all kinds of heavy work, including switches and crossings.

The Colmar T10000FS, one of the most impressive machines that is in the L&W Fleet. This is one of the machines that has been with L&W for a long time, working on major projects such as Bluebell Railway, and is capable of big, heavy lifting requirements. This machine is capable of heavy work used in switches and crossings, and with 2 of these machines, you can get some major work done. See below, where you will find 2 of our colmar machines at work, putting rail in place. This machine weighs in at a whopping 31.33 tonnes, with a maximum towed load of 46 tonnes. Not one of the best machines for towing and heavy towing, but you can find other machines in our fleet to fufill that requirement. This machine also has a Dipper End SWL of 15 tonnes. With that being said, if you are looking to do some heavy lifting, this machine is for sure, the one you need! Please contact us if you need any further information, and you can find ECC's and duty charts below.

RRV 113/114

  • Weight: 31.33 tonnes
  • Gauge: Plant Gauge
  • Dipper End SWL: 15 tonnes
  • Maximum Number Of Trailers: 2
  • Maximum Towed Load: 46 tonnes
  • Maximum Number Of People: 2
  • Tailswing Height: 1550mm (155cm / 1.5m)

RRV 113 ECC   RRV 113 Duty Chart  RRV 113 Duty Chart

RRV 114 ECC   RRV 114 Duty Chart   RRV 114 Duty Chart                       

RRV 129/130

  • Weight: 31.25 tonnes
  • Gauge: Plant Gauge
  • Dipper End SWL: 15 tonnes
  • Maximum Towed Load (Maximum Gradient 1:29): 70 tonnes
  • Maximum Towed Load (Maximum Gradient 1:25): 48 tonnes
  • Maximum Number Of Trailers (Maximum Gradient 1:29)4
  • Maximum Number Of Trailers (Maximum Gradient 1:25)3
  • Maximum Number Of People: 2
  • Tailswing Height: 1600mm (160cm / 1.6m)

 RRV 129 ECC  RRV 129 Duty Chart                     

RRV 130 ECC   RRV 130 Duty Chart




Certificate Number 4819
ISO 9001


Bluebell Railway
Bluebell Railway


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