Komatsu PW160 Mono Boom 

Suitable for: This excellent all-rounder is extremely versatile when it comes to rail work. The Komatsu can dig, lift, tow and push, making it a great general purpose machine.

The Komatsu PW160 Mono Boom, a great all-rounder when it comes to the rail work. This machine is well known for it's great reach ability in our fleet, and will be able to reach long distances for you, making sure that you can get to the furthest of tasks. Along with it's easy to operate cabin, this machine is great for all tasks that you throw at it. Weighing in at 23.9 tonnes, and having the capability of towing 3 trailers, you will find that this machine can make for a good rail replacement vehicle. Also, this machine is capable of taking 2 people in the drivers cab. If you require more information, please don't hesitate to contact us!

  • Quick Hitch SWL: 10 tonnes
  • Weight: 23.9 tonnes
  • Maximum Trailer Load: 22.8 tonnes
  • Maximum Number Of Trailers: 3
  • Maximum Number Of People: 2

RRV 116 Eng Conformance Certificate  RRV 116 Quick Hitch Load Charts  RRV 116 Tandem Quick Hitch Load Charts  

RRV 124 Eng Conformance Certificate  RRV 124 Quick Hitch Load Charts  RRV 124 Tandem Quick Hitch Load Charts

RRV 125 Eng Conformance Certificate   RRV 125 Quick Hitch Load Charts  RRV 125 Tandem Quick Hitch Load Charts

RRV 127 Eng Conformance Certificate   RRV 127 Quick Hitch Load Chart   RRV 127 Tandem Quick Hitch Load Charts

RRV 133 Eng Conformance Certificate   RRV 133 Duty Charts 

RRV 134 Eng Conformance Certificate   RRV 134 Duty Charts

RRV 135 Eng Conformance Certificate  RRV 135 Duty Charts

RRV 136 Eng Conformance Certificate   RRV 136 Duty Charts  

RRV 147 Eng Conformance Certificate   RRV 147 Quick Hitch Duty Load Charts   RRV 147 Tandem Duty Charts   




Certificate Number 4819
ISO 9001


Bluebell Railway
Bluebell Railway


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