Komatsu PW160 Rail-Raider MK2

Suitable for: This excellent all-rounder is extremely versatile when it comes to rail work. The Komatsu can dig, lift, tow and push, making it a great general purpose machine.

A brand new addition to the L&W Fleet in 2021, the Rail Raider MK2. With a 2-Person cab, trailer capacity of 4 and a stunning 80 tonne Maximum trailer load, these PW160's can really get the job done. With multiple SWL options, the Rail Raider MK2 allows for safe and vercitile lifting options, ensuring that you can complete your tasks with ease. To conclude, this is one of the strongest machines in our fleet, and with an amazing set of SWL options along with the ability to take 4 trailers with 80 tonnes of payload on-board, this can really be a game changer for your next rail mission. Please contact us if you need more details!

  • Main Load Lifting Point SWL: 10 tonnes
  • Quick Hitch SWL: 13 tonnes
  • Rhino Horn SWL: 3 tonnes
  • Auxiliary Lifting Point SWL: 7.5 tonnes
  • Weight: 25.5 tonnes
  • Maximum Trailer Load: 80 tonnes
  • Maximum Number Of People Permitted In Cab At One Time: 2
  • Maximum Number Of Trailers: 4

RRV 155 ECC   RRV 155 Duty Charts

RRV 156 ECC  RRV 156 Duty Charts 

RRV 157 ECC  RRV 157 Duty Charts

RRV 158 ECC  RRV 158 Duty Charts

RRV161 ECC  RRV161 Duty Charts

RRV162 ECC  RRV162 Duty Charts

RRV163 ECC  RRV163 Duty Charts

RRV164 ECC  RRV164 Duty Charts

RRV165 ECC  RRV165 Duty Charts

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Certificate Number 4819
ISO 9001


Bluebell Railway
Bluebell Railway


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